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Bowser feast vore rp :iconwhite-wyvern-realms:White-Wyvern-Realms 2 21
Mature content
Nina the anthro fox O.C. :iconwhite-wyvern-realms:White-Wyvern-Realms 1 24
Kelai the alien experiment O.C. by White-Wyvern-Realms
Mature content
Kelai the alien experiment O.C. :iconwhite-wyvern-realms:White-Wyvern-Realms 4 6
Mature content
Fat Miltank vore roleplay :iconwhite-wyvern-realms:White-Wyvern-Realms 3 26
Mature content
An aquarium feast (Dewgong vore story) :iconwhite-wyvern-realms:White-Wyvern-Realms 5 10
Mature content
Fat bowser vore rp :iconwhite-wyvern-realms:White-Wyvern-Realms 3 17
Mature content
W r: White wyvern saga pt 3 Saya story :iconwhite-wyvern-realms:White-Wyvern-Realms 1 37
Mature content
Guilmon vore dare rp :iconwhite-wyvern-realms:White-Wyvern-Realms 3 21
Mature content
Fat Floatzel vore rp :iconwhite-wyvern-realms:White-Wyvern-Realms 6 534
Mature content
Anthro hippo date vore rp scenarios :iconwhite-wyvern-realms:White-Wyvern-Realms 6 225
Mature content
Giant Stitch vore roleplay :iconwhite-wyvern-realms:White-Wyvern-Realms 2 178
Mature content
Stitch vore roleplay scenario :iconwhite-wyvern-realms:White-Wyvern-Realms 2 311
Misty the dragon head shot by White-Wyvern-Realms Misty the dragon head shot :iconwhite-wyvern-realms:White-Wyvern-Realms 2 28
Mature content
Alien vore rp scenario :iconwhite-wyvern-realms:White-Wyvern-Realms 3 83
Mature content
Miltank vore roleplay :iconwhite-wyvern-realms:White-Wyvern-Realms 4 73
Mature content
Animal crossing vore roleplay :iconwhite-wyvern-realms:White-Wyvern-Realms 3 496


-Gaming Dragon by PlumpProductions -Gaming Dragon :iconplumpproductions:PlumpProductions 52 6 DeVout-plumpee-full-color by DeVoutNumelran DeVout-plumpee-full-color :icondevoutnumelran:DeVoutNumelran 46 51 Taro the Guilmon-Request for White-Wyvern by Rockclanhawkstar Taro the Guilmon-Request for White-Wyvern :iconrockclanhawkstar:Rockclanhawkstar 4 24 Taro the Guilmon by Mr-Asquith Taro the Guilmon :iconmr-asquith:Mr-Asquith 4 14 Funny Night by EmolaWolf Funny Night :iconemolawolf:EmolaWolf 15 9 Fat anthro vore rp 2 by Platnummunkey Fat anthro vore rp 2 :iconplatnummunkey:Platnummunkey 5 203 Com -  Bigger by B12A Com - Bigger :iconb12a:B12A 53 28
Nick wilde vore rp
Please read the rules in the discription before starting
You were walking down the streets of Zootopia, minding your own buisness. Then, you saw a fox selling what looked like paw-shaped popsicles. What do you do? one
2.ask him about the buisness
:iconbrickart03-2:Brickart03-2 10 622
Animal crossing vore rp
Please read the rules in the description.
You were a humman or an anthro, and you just moved into a new town. Once you got everything unpacked, you heard a door knock. When you opened the door you saw an anthro who wanted to meet you. What vilager was it?
Please chose from here:
:iconbrickart03-2:Brickart03-2 4 619
Anatomy Rp
We humans live with your kind (giant anthros, dragons and so on) and on day at a biology lesson I volunteer as the test subject to explore the digestive system. You volunteer as the subject who's digestive system gets explored. I walk gently next to you and I look up at you when the teacher says: "Are the two volunteers ready? " I nod a little shyly and you:
Option A: "Yes, ma'am! "
Option B: You eat me instantly.
Option C: "I need more time! "
:iconvoredracar:VoreDracar 5 239
Creature Vore Roleplay!
A (Select Creature from Description (Please be reasonable))   wandered into the forest one day. They didn't notice that they had bumped into you!  You are a (Insert what you are (Again, be reasonable) and you hear your stomach growl! What do you do?
A: Eat the creature
B: Talk to It
C: Ask why it's in the forest
D: Other (Reasonable)
Notes Preffered!
Same Size or Higher Preffered!
No using Emoticons or Acronyms unless your character is saying them.
Female Pred Preffered
Tell me if you want to include any fetishes
:iconihaveamudkip:IHaveAMudkip 6 158
Belly Home (Open RP)
During the last few years, different kinds of gigantic beings have been discovered. At first glance, they might seem like the normal types of giants whether humanoid or creature. But these type of giants have the ability to swallow smaller beings and let them live inside their bodies unharmed.
While most of these giants either blend in normal giant societies or live alone to do as they please, some put themselves up for rent for personal reason, most likely for companionship.
What are you in this scenario?
1) You have just recently moved into these house-giants.
2) You lived inside them for a long while now.
3) You are friends with one of these giants.
4) You are the giant.
What type of giant are we talking about?
Regular: Normal looking giant. Inside it looks like a real house interior with the furniture, walls, and everything.... except windows.
Mansion: Like a regular, but mansion style with extra rooms of your choices and a lot fancier/cooler!
Island: Inside th
:iconsubukunojess:SubukuNoJess 11 89
be more popular to get more features
I think that this page is a bit inactive because not many people know about my page, I think I need help you to get more people who want points, because I want to help them, but I have a few people, no feature for weeks and a few points!
please try to spread as much possible the existence of my account to make this page rich and always-on
-thanks and kiss-
:icongoldpoints:GoldPoints 1 0
A thief? RP
You are a large pred (choose one from below or you can choose one of your ocs) that is a pet of a king and queen you've been living in their castle since you were born the king and queen took such good care of you they fed you they even made you a room and sometimes they let you stay in their room if tyou wanted to,you had a very nice life but that was when you were young,now you've gotten bigger usually you spend time in your room doing nothing you also adapted human language because of the royal sorcerer gave you the power to speak and understand human language it was hard for the king and queen to feed you until the king decided to give you a job you are in charge for giving punishments for people who broke the law for so many times of course you agreed to this decision cause that means more food for you the people got scared hearing about this so many obeyed the law but some did not those who disobeyed earned a ticket to your hungry gut for months you enjoyed you new job and decide
:icontitanocobraconda:Titanocobraconda 5 781
Digimon Vore RP by tmanfox7 Digimon Vore RP :icontmanfox7:tmanfox7 8 904



I might be the prey for this. You can choose from the wiki link:…
I have no idea for the plot for the role play... Can someone think of the plot?

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Your a ________ [pokemon, yoshi, anthro, animal] and your friends with Bowser the Koopa. You were invited to a feast that Bowser got made. When you arrive, you saw a dozen tables with mountains of meat. You go to bowser to see him fat and him waiting for you. You say to him...

A: nice gut.

B: how did you get fat?

C: wanna belly rub?

D: lets eat!
I plan on making side stuff like town interaction/lore. Its something from Eragon that I with to imply. Let me know what you think and please suggest stuff! I love to see more input from everyone
I might be the prey for this. You can choose from the wiki link:…
I have no idea for the plot for the role play... Can someone think of the plot?


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I am a vore lover but I will type stories other than vore. I want to make friends here on deviant art. I will have a story explaining about the white wyverns. Also I will have a icon based on two wolfs


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